Malaysia is a country with around 29 million people. Thanks to development in the medical science and widespread health care facilities available compared to that in the past, the average lifespan of general people has significantly increased. At the same time, change in lifestyle and work environment has made the once popular joint family system obsolute. More women are working these days than ever before, and a want among young couples to avoid the so called hassle of taking care of elders besides their busy daily life, they are more inclined to live independently.

As a combined effect of these two factors, there are many older people than that of the past now, and many of them are deserted by their beloved children. They are living a life without care when they need this the most. Therefore, the need for a place where they can be taken care of in their final days has been ever increasing. In addition to that, the higher rate of migration both home and abroad is a reason creating more and more lonely people in their later age. The old age complexities cripple through the lives of this increasingly large part of population and their craving for love, care and affection remains unmet when it is needed the most.


In the global perspective the international plan of action on elderly people adopted in the Vienna Declaration of the United Nations in 1982 also makes it incumbent upon the national government of all member countries to provide necessary facilities for the elderly people under shadow of national policy for the aged.

The Government recognizes the issue of care, protection, welfare and rehabilitation of the elderly people and has given much importance in the policy forming of national development plans.The welfare issues of the elderly have been reflected as “The aged persons comprise an important segment of our people” During the Plan arrangement was made to provide Social Services, cultural and recreation services to the aged persons.

Some initiatives have been taken by both GO and NGO’s for the welfare of the distressed elderly population but no venture is still taken for the rich elderly people. As a result it is reasonably felt to take such initiative for rich elderly people.

The Eco-Hospital and Leisure Resort will be a very unique place that acts as a home, a hotel, a recreation center ad even as a hospital simultaneously to cater a person depending on the needs of the person and where the elderly can find privacy and also a social life. The residents can get drinks and snacks throughout the day and also take advantage of various house keeping services. It will be a warm, cozy and familiar space to be almost like a resort where older people can simply rest and live the good life in a harmonious and happy place. A place where you can actually get help if needed. A place that feels like “home” and a place with facilities for meals, housekeeping, recreation, Transportation and health care. Where older people don’t have to take care of everything and have some well-deserved peace of mind.

The Eco-Hospital and Leisure Resort will be a unique place to stay-