Goal and Vision

Goal and vision for the development of the proposed project would be in-line with the aspiration of older people and stand out due to its architecture, grandeur, design, and tranquility of natural offerings. It would be developed us a world class senior citizen health care and hospitality complex and which would an iconic project on the map of Malaysia. The project would be positioned as “First of its kind in Malaysia”. The best quality services/operators are envisaged for the project to create the necessary platform for that positioning. The service quality, exclusivity and decor of the project would further enhance the appeal of the project with Eco-Tourism the core activities would be complemented with allied health care and hospitality facilities like retail, service apartments and second-home residential and recreational products, such as; fitness, swimming pool, walkway, organic farming, club etc. side by side associated facilities like business and cultural center, spa and wellness center, cinema, theater, indoor games, handicraft, hair branding, nail art, hand made accessories etc.

The term spa is associated with water treatment which is also known a bolneotherapy. Spa resorts typically offer various health treatment. These Spa/wellness centers generally have gained importance owing to the broad base of amenities as most of the users look out for relaxation. A family-friendly weekend destination resort and Spa with wellness facilities in the suburbs and various regional attractions.

Eco-Tourism is a form of tourism involving visit to relatively undisturbed natural area. The proposed project is located in scenic location surrounded by local famous Water-Fall, Botanical Garden and one of the biggest Water-Body.This will provide an end to end solution for entertainment and adventure to the visitors.

These allied products and facilities would improve the viability of the project and improve its marketability amongst private players.