Independent living

Independent living is a lifestyle option for active elderly people-without the worries of household maintenance. Independent living offers apartment-style living, with amenities and services including social activities, dining, housekeeping, transportation and others.

Home Care is a perfect complement to the wellness services and assistance residents receive from life care center offers a variety of home care services through a network of preferred providers who agree to follow our best practices in elderly people care.

Hospice is available in most communities through the use of a network of preferred providers who have agreed to abide by established best practices.

Short-term Stays provides service to elderly people when family members are away or need a short break from caring for the elderly people in their life or for elderly people needing assistance after a hospital visit or during an illness.

Adult Retirement Communities are specifically designed for active, independent older people, which is a part of “wellness resort”. Units are generally for permanent rental house, but occasionally rental units are also available. These units may be in the form of single house, duplexes, condominiums, or garden apartments. Indoor games, clubhouse, swimming, facilities along with extensive medical or nursing services will be available. A manager is usually responsible for the general maintenance and upkeep of the community. A monthly fee is generally charged for these services. The usual entrance age for most communities is 55 years or older.

Dining Facility

Separate dining facility will be a part of the high-end area. This dining facility will also cater for the Wellness Resort clientele, different kinds of health food will also be developed in this facility that will be a part of the diet of the people coming to the resort.

Wellness Spa

The wellness spa will be the main attractive feature of the wellness resort, it will have different kind of spa facilities and treatment that draw people from the resort and give the resort and give the resort uniqueness.

Wellness Resort

This will be a unique kind of tourism where people will come to avail not only the resort facility but to undergo treatment or make use of the different spa facilities. They will also be able to enjoy the different spa facilities. They will also be able to enjoy the different kinds of health food that will be developed and their stay in this resort will not be one of entertainment but an experience of healthy living and wellbeing. Thus the resort in attitude will be in harmony with the rest of complex.

Swimming Pool

The swimming pools will be provided for the physical exercise of the elderly people, as well as ensuring the privacy among themselves, along with proper toilet, locker and change room facilities.