The main objective and goal of the proposed project title Newage” will be one of the International Standard Eco-Hospital and Leisure Resort and to create a unique model HOME for senior citizens that will act as a home, hotel, recreation and hospital simultaneously, where an emphasis is placed on adapting the setting to meet the need of the resident rather than fitting a resident into a setting. The occupant will receive all amenities and medical facilities as well as other supportive services such as transportation, Library, Gymnasium, Swimming Pool, Common rooms, Sports units, Nature Trip and many more including Palliative care, Hospice, Alzheimer’s Care, Adult Family Care (AFC), Home Care etc. similar to USA/UK Senior Citizen Centre.

The Project will provide for: Geriatric and General Medical Services, Educational services/Workshops for senior citizens. Common areas for ancillary non-medical services and activities, Hotel for senior citizens or relatives of people admitted.

The field of Gerontology is not yet developed in Malaysia. Government involvement and socio-cultural factors do not play a significant role in senior citizen care practices. Social exclusion push older people away from proper care during their later ages and aged people are deprived from Geriatric care, which is one of the prime needs for older people. Moreover the vision of the project is to develop an Exclusive Anticipating Self Contained Senior Citizen Life Style Living. This unique self-contained Eco-Hospital and Leisure Resort can make the dream of the life style of the aging people come true. Everything here have been intelligently designed anticipating need of aging people. All of them are characterized by their elegance and spaciousness as per old people’s requirements.

This Eco-Hospital and Leisure Resort includes different types of housing arrangement. Some of this option will be available for individuals poor group of old age people. Such as dormitories, single bed and twin sharing housing complex will be provided for poor and low income middle class older people. This type of single and twin bed room accommodation will constitute of high quality dorms for the elderly, these dorms will have two types of rooms, twin rooms and single rooms. The twin rooms can be used by couple or by person who should not be left totally on their own. On the other hand high end residential complex for the rich elderly people will have three type of housing arrangement with excellent and exclusive living facilities. Such as High residential complex for elderly people, Accessory Apartments, Adult Family Care (AFC), Independent living, Assisted Living, Alzheimer’s care etc.

The proposed International “Eco-Hospital and Leisure Resort” will be first of its kind in Malaysia to attract not only local older people but also foreign tourist to get a comfortable living and international standard health care in a famous tourist spot Ampang. The serene landscape around the project has the required tranquility as well as proximity to nature sought by people in their later ages. It can also bring a positive image to Malaysia Tourism.

Malaysia has an estimated population of 29 million people. A combination of natural population growth, improved health services, education and technology, decline in mortality rate and longer life expectancy is fueling an exponential increase in the proportion of population aged 60 and above. In 2006, 6% of the population was aged 60 or over and this figure was predicted to rise to 17% by 2050. i.e. the number of old people will increase from 1.2 crore to more than 4 crore in 2050.

People Malaysia from abroad,come to Malaysia to meet their older parents and relatives every year but they do not get a comfortable place to stay with them. The proposed “Eco-Hospital and Leisure Resort” at Ampang will be a best choice for the well off people to pass a quality time with their father, mother and other relatives when they visit Malaysia.

The Project will cater two categories of people. There will be a provision for low income people which will be considered as a “no loss no profit” unit and there will be another unit where the well to do people will be able to get international standard service on payment. The later part will contribute towards the profitability of the project. Another source of income of the project is expected from manpower sector. There will be a Geriatric Medical Care Centre, first of its kind in Malaysia, which will impart training on Geriatric Patient Handling and create “Geriatric Care Giver”. The proposed Geriatric Medical Care Centre will play a vital role in job creation in local market and also meet the huge demand in North America and Europe.